About us

The Seed is our home. We built it as our house with the intention of experiencing a connected lifestyle with our family and local workers.

It reflects our deepest belief system when it comes to living immersed in nature, growing our own food, building healthy ecological spaces, and following conscious business practices.

After a two-decade process of carving our out-of-the-box lifestyle, we are now in a quest of sharing this different approach to living with others. In order to do so, we are now creating a consultancy group that will bring to life a number of conscious living projects around the world.

While we travel working on these projects we are opening our home for others to experience this alternative lifestyle, in the hope of spreading the seed of a more sustainable world.

We offer you our more-than-15-years’ experience organizing retreats, vacations, weddings, and events through our previous enterprises in Guatemala, famous for its eco-concept, green weddings, and imaginative, delicious gourmet cuisine.

We also have more than two decades’ experience teaching meditation and herbalism courses in this gorgeous lake.

Our boutique “The Seed” brand of natural remedies, salves and soaps is created from herbs and ingredients we grow ourselves and the pure water continually flowing from our own spring.

We like to believe that we walk our talk, and this reflects in the authentic and professional approach to service you will feel at our place.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us using the form below or via [email protected].

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