Enter a realm of nourishment

Ours is a true passion for real, wholesome, fresh gourmet food. We are renowned for our delicious cuisine and many guests consider our food to be the highlight of their stay with us.


Our Food

We revere food and its process, creating menus that are healthy and vibrant. Ours is a passion for honest, wholesome, fresh gourmet food. We are renowned for our delicious cuisine and many guests consider our food to be the highlight of their stay with us.

our ingredients

Home Grown When Available

For us our food marks an important step in how we choose to live, we believe the closer one is to the source the more our earth and food will nurture us, entering a realm of nourishment that goes far beyond the physical.

Sharing the space where our food grows enables us to bring health to our bodies, eliminating the use of harmful preservatives and wasteful packaging and transport. We consciously choose to remove pesticides and fertilizers from our food cycle, and reduce the waste we produce as much as possible.

The Seed’s gardens are a lush cornucopia of organic fresh food that will delight your palate and nourish your soul. A large variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown from seeds, tended for months, and harvested by us with profound gratitude.

Our intention is for our land and permaculture garden to provide for our guests whenever possible, making sure all other ingredients come from the finest local sources.

In our kitchen, gourmet cuisine is created with love and reverence to nurture both your body and your spirit.

Our Meals

Home-Made From Scratch

We take pride in cooking everything from scratch; we bake our own bread, make all kinds of jams, preserves and pickles, brew our own ginger beer and healthy fermented drinks, and serve our own homegrown coffee.

Organic teas are homegrown and dried, and our cacao is sourced from a Guatemalan organic grower, and roasted by hand in a wood-burning stove. Our beautiful honey is produced locally by a beekeeping friend, and eggs come from our happy free-range chickens.

At The Seed, we have drenched our food and philosophies with all the experience we’ve gained from creating our previous restaurant, one of the Atitlán’s most famous eateries. We offer an imaginative fusion of gourmet cuisine with influences from our ancestral Mediterranean heritage and the many different cultures that have hosted us over our years of traveling.

Enter a different concept of holistic nourishment and experience how the loving energy of our food revitalizes your body

Our Produce

Seasonal & Fresh

Organic food we produce includes avocados, 7 different kinds of bananas, chard, spinach, malanga, cucumber, a wealth of salad greens, herbs and edible flowers, sprouts, peppers, chili, tree tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, squash, leeks, maracuyas, raspberries, tree tomatoes, eggplants, onions, sweet potato, carrots, chives, beetroot, fennel, and much more.  

We always have available herbs to delicately flavor our meals and add a green touch; parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, dill, fennel, mints, coriander.

The magical spirits of our land also provide us with Lufas, firewood, and flowers. In all the earth that surrounds us provides for many of our needs, nourishing our souls in more ways than one.

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