Our Location



Tzununá, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. ‘The land of eternal spring’: beautiful, temperate  weather, a spectacular setting, rich  indigenous culture and a readymade conscious community.

You will find The Seed in Tzununá, a traditional Kaqchiquel village and alternative community with yoga, kirtans, a permaculture school and a smattering of health-food restaurants on the shores of landmark Lake Atitlan. Our neighbouring village, San Marcos, is renowned for its alternative community and spiritual classes, courses and events, plus an abundance of healers and practitioners, from massage to acupuncture, an esteemed Waldorf school and a second pioneering educational project. Around the lake, you’ll also find activities such kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and swimming, and an ease of access through boat travel, tuk-tuks and hiking trails.

Across Tzununá and San Marcos, an engaged, conscious community has striven for years to perfect an alternative lifestyle,  developing educational and wellness offerings for adults and children. To us, this is what stands out about The Seed – that, and the incredible natural beauty that surrounds us, deemed ‘the most beautiful lake in the world’ by Aldous Huxley.